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Algoracing (board game) New
Algoracing is an unusual and transformable 3D-race game. You can change the location of hill blocks ..
Chronoflight (boardgame) New -21%
This pastime from The Brainy Band is an exciting boardgame that will introduce kids to the complicat..
£20.00 £15.80
Professions. 3D Coloring Book -20%
«Professions» - is a new book of Arland series. This amazing book is an edutainment edition that wil..
£5.00 £4.00
Live Heroes. 3D Coloring Book -24%
14 amazing characters come to live right on pages of the colouring book! Just colour the characters ..
£5.00 £3.80
Live ABC. 3D Coloring Book -21%
Live ABC is an interactive book for kids that will make learning fun and easy! Every letter has its ..
£7.00 £5.50
HurriCount (boardgame) -21%
As easy as one-two-three.The first person to count all the hedgehogs and the birds on the cards yell..
£8.00 £6.30
Multibloom (boardgame) -24%
Busy bees!Playing this game, the children will find themselves very busy with all kinds of fun activ..
£15.00 £11.40
Frui10 (boardgame) -21%
Grab tens of bananas!Put the deck of round cards face-up in the middle of the table – this is a stor..
£8.00 £6.30
Trafficars (boardgame) -16%
Playing Trafficars, children achieve command of numbers from 1 to 50 and learn to compare double-dig..
£10.00 £8.40
Splittissimo (boardgame) -23%
Signora ordered five eighths with tomatoes!This game will make you sweat, as you’ll be working for t..
£14.00 £10.80
Numberloor (boardgame) -22%
Flying on a hot air balloon with a parrotWelcome to the magical house whose residents include a star..
£16.50 £12.90
Zoolphabet (boardgame) -23%
If your child is already studying English, this game will become an excellent supplement to the lang..
£14.00 £10.80

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